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Residential CARPET

We deliver a SAFE, CLEAN, ALLERGEN Free Living space for you and your loved ones.   

Commercial CARPET 

Provide a SAFE and CLEAN working environment for your employees and give your customers the right message. 




DEEP Cleans Heavily Soiled Carpet, Traffic lanes, Stairs and Mats

Spots Won't Come back and its SAFE for PETS and CHILDREN


About Us

TILE & GROUT Cleaning

Dirty Tiles in your HOME or WORKPLACE? Let ECODRY Restore them to SHINY and NEW!


MoVE Ins/MoVE Outs

100% dry carpet cleaning is ideal for both Residential and Commercial Move-ins and Outs. After cleaning, carpets can be walked on immediately

Our Method


Have you noticed any of the following after having your carpets cleaned using a WET extraction system?

  • WICKBACK - Stains returning after a week or so? (Often larger than before)
  • Discolouration - A dull greyish look after the carpet dries 
  • Dye Bleed - dyes that blend together 
  • Shrinkage - Carpet pulling away from walls
  • Black stains (Mold) - on Hardwood or SUB floor after removing carpet

​This is why ECODRY exclusively uses the HOST     DRY EXTRACTION system to clean your Carpets.


​Many Carpet Cleaning organizations claim to be "DRIER" or even use "DRY" as part of their business name. The fact is, unless they are using the HOST DRY EXTRACTION method, they are still using water to varying degrees and require DOWNTIME in your home or office to DRY.

"Clean Today, Walk on it Right Away!"

ECODRY has been proudly serving Canadians for over 22 Years.

We  have been a member of the BBB since 2001 and we are VERY proud of earning an A+ rating with NO customer complaints logged against us in that time (Click BBB Logo)

At ECODRY we believe strongly that delivering the HIGHEST level of CUSTOMER SERVICE at the LOWEST possible price will earn repeat business.

It is this belief that has allowed us to successfully run and grow our business for the past 22 years.

You can  rest easy with ECODRY that our cleaning process ensures the safest and healthiest carpet cleaning for your pets and family!